• PO Box 89 217, Torbay, Auckland, 0742
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  • PO Box 89 217, Torbay, Auckland 0742
  • 021 059 5863


Desexing Pet Cats
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We've spent $100'924.66 on Desexing since 2011
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I’ve been trying to find the time and the words to write this post, and have finally decided to write it. I don’t know if I can write this eloquently, but I will just write from the heart. I’ve been running KittyCat Fixers now for just over 4 years, since the start of 2015. When […]

Fundraising Raffles

For the month of Desexy June KittyCat Fixers we will have these three fundraising raffles available to you from the comfort of your home. We do need to sell more tickets and raise more funds… We have a : Raffle for Her (Red), Raffle for Kitty (Yellow) , and Raffle for Family (Green) This is for people […]