Donations over $5 are tax deductible.

If you would like a receipt please email

We send receipts out at the end of the financial year.  Please make sure your information is up to date with us.


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Donate via Givealittle



Please note, we get charged PayPal fees and on the donation form is the option for you to cover the costs of these fees with your donation.  We thank you in advance for covering these fees.


Alternatively you can join our donation clubs!

$1 a week club

4. Payroll Giving

Payroll giving enables you donate to KittyCat Fixers directly from your pay and receive instant tax benefits.

What is Payroll Giving?

KittyCat Fixers is recognised as an approved IRD ‘donee’ charity, enabling you to contribute directly from your pay through payroll giving. With this method, your donation is deducted from your regular pay before reaching your bank account.

For donations exceeding $5, you enjoy an instant tax rebate equivalent to one-third of the donation amount. For instance, a $15 donation through payroll giving results in only a $10 reduction in your take-home pay. Your support goes a long way in aiding our cause.

Employee Advantages with Payroll Giving

Engaging in payroll giving simplifies your donations to KittyCat Fixers.

  • No more hassle of collecting receipts or claiming rebates from IRD at the tax year’s end – it’s instantly processed with each donation.
  • Donate flexibly, contributing as much or as little as you prefer with each salary or wage payment.
  • Eliminate the need for setting up automatic payments or direct debits through credit cards or bank accounts, as your payroll effortlessly handles the process.
  • Enjoy the convenience of starting or stopping donations at your discretion.
  • Explore additional benefits, as some workplaces may encourage staff participation by matching donations dollar for dollar.

Feel free to inquire with your employer about this opportunity!

Employer Advantages with Payroll Giving

Embracing payroll giving provides a cost-effective and straightforward method to back employees contributing to their preferred charities. To extend payroll giving to your employees, electronic filing of your IRD employer monthly schedule and deduction form is required. For detailed guidance, please visit the IRD’s dedicated payroll giving page or access the comprehensive Payroll Giving Guide (IR617).

To set up payroll giving, you need this information:

Name: KittyCat Fixers

Charities Commission Number: CC47636 

IRD Number: 109-356-409

Bank Account Number: 06-0433-0458818-00


5. Bequests

A bequest can be possessions, items of property, or a sum of money left to another person, organisation or charity in your Will.

Leaving a bequest to KittyCat Fixers is a way to help support us with much needed funds to continue desexing pet cats in communities around New Zealand.  It helps us to further implement education programmes in communities around the country.

If you decide to make a bequest to KittyCat Fixers  it is important to record that wish in your Will.

In preparing your Will you should seek the assistance of a Trustee (such as the Public Trust or NZ Guardian Trust) or your family Solicitor to ensure that your wishes are clearly and correctly recorded.

Suggested Format:

I (full name) ______________ bequeath to KittyCat Fixers (a specified share of the residue/or the sum of/or a specified bequest) ____________ to be free of all duties payable at my death, and the receipt of the Treasurer for the time being of the said charity shall be full and sufficient discharge for the said legacy.

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