Desexing Application

If you are genuinely struggling to afford to desex your pet cat, we may be able to help you.

Our assistance is for genuine hardship only.  We are not a vet, and use over 150 vets around the country.  We pay full vet costs.

If approved, we ask for a $70 upfront deposit (per cat) payable to us, and then we will issue you a voucher once payment has been received.  We then ask that you repay us the remainder of the desexing procedure, from as little as $1 a week to help us to continue being able to help get as many pet cats desexed around the country.  This is considered a donation and is tax deductible.  You can claim 33% back from IRD.

For example if your cats total procedure cost is $200 and you repay KittyCat Fixers in donations, you can claim $66 back from IRD.   We send out annual receipts.

Desexing Applications are put on a waiting list until funds become available.  Please be patient.  We rely on the generosity of donations from the public.  If we do not have funding, we will endeavour to source a desexing deal near you.

Applications Currently on Waiting List
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Applications Currently Processed 2024
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Updated 18/07/24

We need your help!
Donate today, so that we can continue to desex as many cats as possible around the country
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