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About Us

KittyCat Fixers aim to reduce the unnecessary amount of cat’s and kittens born to a life of misery, neglect and uncertain death.

Rescues around the country are inundated with cats and kittens due to people not being responsible and desexing their pet cats.  These cats lead a horrible life and in most cases end up dying horrible deaths.

You can prevent this by desexing your pet cat.

We offer financial assistance to help NZ families desex their pet cats.  We ask for an upfront deposit payable to the vet of your choice if your application is approved.  This can be from as low as $40 per cat.

We are not a vet clinic. We work with vets around the country.  And we pay full vet costs.

Your contribution needs to be paid to the vet prior to surgery as KittyCat Fixers would have already advanced the remainder of the desexing costs to the vet prior to your appointment.

Because we pay full vet prices we do ask that you repay us our contribution from as little as $1 a week. This is so we can continue to desex cats around the country.

We rely solely on public donations, desexing repayments and fundraising.