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Microchipping and Registrations

In our ongoing commitment to the welfare of animals, we are exploring new avenues to enhance the support we provide to our feline friends. After careful consideration, we have decided to extend our services to include microchipping and registrations for all cats referred through our desexing voucher scheme.

So now every cat desexed through our scheme, will also be microchipped at the time of their desexing procedure.

Microchipping and registration not only contribute to the safety and well-being of individual cats but also play a crucial role in fostering responsible pet ownership within our community. By implementing this initiative, we aim to:

  1. Enhance Cat Safety: Microchipping offers a reliable and permanent form of identification, significantly increasing the chances of reuniting lost cats with their owners.
  1. Encourage Responsible Pet Ownership: Registration ensures that cat owners are accountable for their pets, promoting a sense of responsibility and care within our community.

We are pleased to inform you that we have reached out to Companion Animal Register NZ and have an account with them to register every cat that comes through our scheme. Our vets will implant the microchips at the time of your cat/s desexing procedure and then send us the microchip numbers so that we can register them.

This is a little bit more admin work for us, but we are hoping with all the other changes we have made to streamline our scheme, that this should not take up too much of our time. Remember, we are volunteers, we currently do not get paid to offer our Desexing Scheme.

This will mean that we will need to fundraise harder to accommodate these costs which range anywhere between $45 to $80 dollars for implantation with our network of vets around the country and on top of this is the Registration fee of $15 per cat with NZCAR.


Your generosity goes a long way

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