If you are genuinely struggling to afford to desex your pet cat, we may be able to help you.

Our assistance is for genuine hardship only.  We are not a vet, and use over 130 vets around the country.  We pay full vet costs.

If approved, we ask for  a $40 upfront deposit (per cat) payable to your vet of choice on the day of your cat’s procedure.  We then ask that you repay us our contribution, from as little as $1 a week to help us to continue being able to help get as many pet cats desexed around the country.  This is donation is tax deduction.

By submitting this form you agree to our terms and conditions.

1/ Deposit as agreed payable to vet on the day of your cat’s procedure, if no deposit, no procedure.
2/ You agree to make donations to us to go towards our contribution of your cat’s procedure, from as little as $1 per week. You will receive an AP form with your voucher. These are tax deductible.
4/ You understand that we are not cheap desexing and that we pay full vet costs around the country.
4/ You understand that all our funds are raised by generous donations from the public, fundraising, sponsorship and grant applications.